DMC Gets Great Turnout at University of Illinois Job Fair

DMC Gets Great Turnout at University of Illinois Job Fair

DMC received a record number of visitors to our booth at yesterday's job fair at the University of Illinois. In our quest to hire the best of the best, Jon Carson and I met and spoke with some really promising candidates and managed to collect almost 100 resumes. After a few minor adjustments, our ping-pong ball demo performed flawlessly throughout the day. As intended, it drew a lot of attention to our booth and hopefully helped us find our next stellar DMC engineer.

In the spirit of cool demos, U of I Grad Student Stephen Keres stopped by our booth and brought his segway-style robot. It was impressive to watch his bot balance and interesting to check out the internal components he selected. Thanks to some surplus servo motors, an accelerometer, and a rate gyro from Sparkfun, he was able to build the whole thing for a couple hundred dollars. Nice job Steve.

Thanks to all of the engineers that stopped by our booth. It was great meeting with you. We look forward to interviewing the best and brightest of you on September 30th. See you then.



Robert Salm
# Robert Salm
Wow...who did those fantastic looking posters in the background? Wait--I did!

Glad it went well guys.

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