Houston Welcomes New Employees with a Bob Ross-inspired Painting Party

Houston Welcomes New Employees with a Bob Ross-inspired Painting Party

DMC has a lot of ways to make new employees feel welcome. One of the coolest is by hosting welcome parties. Each new employee is able to bond with their new colleagues at a social event of their choosing. 

Painting Party

New hires all start by training in Chicago before moving to their respective office locations. I had a great time being welcomed by the Chicago crew along with other new employees at an interactive art exhibit called the WNDR Museum.

Once I arrived in Houston, the team here took the opportunity to welcome Cody Cook and me. For our welcome party, we hosted a Bob Ross painting night!

A painting party at DMC Houston

We painted along to Bob Ross’s "Southwest Serenity" video and ordered Thai food. We also got a good spread of snacks and drinks. Several of us opted to take our first shot of Malort (a Chicago-based spirit), which was definitely an experience.

Painting party in DMC Houston

Artsy Engineers

Once we finished painting. we were able to send all of our extra supplies (easels, canvases, acrylic paint, brushes, and paint container pallet things) home with Maddie’s roommate, who’s an art teacher.

DMC Houston painting welcome party

My favorite part of the whole welcome party was getting to see everyone’s artwork at the end (especially Leigh’s). All the paintings actually turned out really well!

DMC Houston engineers painting

The painting party was a fun way for our engineers to show off a different set of skills. It was great to spend time getting to know my new colleagues. Bob Ross has some competition from a few of DMC's engineers!

Engineers toast at DMC Houston

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