Geek Challenge: Movie Theater Teaser

Geek Challenge: Movie Theater Teaser

A small movie theater has two movie screens.  One theater is showing a hit action movie, and has sold out for the evening.  The other screen is showing a comedy flop and has plenty of available seats.  A crowd has gathered outside the box office disappointed they can’t get tickets to the action movie.  Before they scatter, the theater manager quickly announces a contest to entice people to come in and see the comedy: “Whoever is the first person to buy a ticket whose birthday is the same as a person who has gone before will get 5 free movie tickets.” 

His strange contest works, and people start to line up for tickets, each telling the manager their birthday while he records the answers and searches for a winner.  Assuming people in the crowd don’t know each other’s birthdays, what position in line would optimize the chance of winning the 5 free tickets?

A: Second
B: Fifteenth
C: Twentieth
D: Last

The correct answer with the best engineering content will be this month’s winner. Submit your responses to:


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