DMC's Oktoberfest Open House

DMC's Oktoberfest Open House

On October 20th we hosted an open house at DMC's new office for our first ever Oktoberfest. Since I've heard that a picture can be worth 0b1111101000 words, I figured I'd save most of my prose and let the pictures below do the talking.

Also, there's a really exciting video at the bottom if you want to just skip to that.

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Anjali at the welcome table with our fantastic Oktoberfest banner. The table is filled with our commemorative Oktoberfest mugs. I think we have a few extra - if you want one, let us know. One thing of note is we planned for the future and didn't put a date on the banner - we can reuse it forever!

We spared no expenses on the decoration of our office. After a few beers, it was difficult to tell whether we were in Munich or Chicago.

Our X-Box Kinect Demo was given a very special theme.

Nothing shouts Oktoberfest like our Automated Ping Pong Game.

We had some amazing German style Microbrews from Emmett's Brewing Company. Ryan Clooney, Head Brewer, deserves special recognition!

Jesse Batsche prepared some homemade pretzels!

Ashley & Eric played an amazing polka duet!

Our large meeting room was transformed into a German Beer Hall. I almost felt like I was in Germany again.

Jason put together a photo-booth. And my daughters and her friends were transformed into wenig Deutsch Mädchen besucht eine Party.

Our collaboration bar, serving its intended purpose.

With the gas heaters on the roof, the windy, 40 degree night felt just like being indoors. Why else would Darren be wearing a short-sleeve shirt?


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DMC's Brassband Debut
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would LOVE to work for DMC! I truly enjoy seeing these pics -- congratulations on more great PR as well!
# Jon
Hey Frank -

Long time no see - looks like you all had a great time at this event - hope you saved some of that beer for the weekend....

~ Al Zay
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Create a Photo Booth With Your Canon DSLR

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