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As many of you may know, we used last week’s Oktoberfest party as an unofficial house warming party for our new office space. In addition to having a great turnout despite uncooperative weather, the Kinect Demo team from FedEx Day 2010 put in some extra hours to get our new display case setup to welcome guests. If you haven’t seen the display case, an early video is available here, and a detailed case study can be found in our case study section.

In the new office, we were able to dedicate a large space in our front lobby for the demo case, allowing us to install larger shelves with better spotlights. On these shelves, we updated all of the display items, featuring projects in areas from manufacturing to aerospace to energy. Last but not least, we created nice graphics and summaries for each of them.

Excitingly, there should be more improvements in store, as FedEx Day 2011 is quickly approaching. A couple of ideas for upgrades are advanced gesture recognition, easy customizations, enhanced multimedia, and a new head tracking algorithm.

In the meantime, I just wanted to upload a couple of quick videos of the system to show off some of our work. The first is a high level intro and the second is a first person view of the system in action. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we do!


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DMC's Oktoberfest Open House

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