DMC Boat Cruise with Yaskawa

DMC Boat Cruise with Yaskawa

Friends from Yaskawa joined DMC on a voyage onto Lake Michigan after another great year of working together.  Led by Frank, the lake and weather were perfect for a relaxing evening on the water.

Our first stop was the Flatwater where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner overlooking the Chicago River. Once finished, we navigated to Navy Pier where we stayed on the boat to watch Chicago’s famous fireworks. It is great that Chicago has fireworks twice a week all summer long. As a frequenter of small town Michigan fireworks, I was most impressed!

What a way to celebrate the years of working together with drives and servos! Although we did feel the need to determine the height differential between the lake and the river (luckily there were markers on the walls), the night was full of fun.

Ed Tom, Jason Mayes, and Chris Knudsen aboard the DM-Sea

Sam Weber, Grant Anderson, and Otto Gottlieb enjoy the ride with Frank Riordan as captain

Ty Phillips and Christian Sanchez take in the view of Chicago's skyline

DMC and Yaskawa take Lake Michigan

Matt lends a hand getting the boat through the lock

Check out Chicago's famous fireworks!


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