DMC's Holiday Party at the Crystal Gardens

DMC's Holiday Party at the Crystal Gardens

Ninety-seven DMC employees and their significant others, friends, and family made it (despite sub-zero temperatures) to Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier for the annual DMC Holiday Party. It was a month and a half of epic planning: booking a photographer, selecting menu items, coordinating hotel stays for the four new hires who joined us, and making sure everyone was going to have the most fun possible.

When the big night arrived, we couldn't have asked for things to have turned out better. There was plenty to keep everyone entertained before dinner as guests visited the bar for cocktails and craft brews while enjoying appetizers and a playlist rich in all of music's genres and decades.

Amidst the glass infrastructure and rich wildlife of the venue, guests indulged in good conversation and the art of magic as a strolling magician made his way through the crowds.

After mingling, meandering, and meeting new faces, we sat down for one of four dinner choices: seared salmon, filet mignon, a duet of crab stuffed shrimp and filet mignon, or a veggie and goat cheese stuffed mushroom cap. With bread twisted into the shape of calamari, a poached pear and walnut salad, and of course dessert to accompany the meal, there was hardly room left for drinks (but naturally we found it!). Dessert included Lilliputian sized éclairs, blueberry cheesecakes, tiramisu (how they fit all of the layers in the miniscule cake I’ll never know), strawberry parfaits and spoons of crème brûlée.

DMC’s management team stepped up to the front to thank everyone who was present and to reflect on the growth of DMC over the past seventeen plus years. 

DMC’s Marketing Coordinator, Jessica Mlinaric, compiled a video of all of the best moments from 2013 for everyone to watch, laugh, and reflect on how far we've come. Once all the seriousness was done, a projector was set up, in good old fashioned DMC style, with Wii games including Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Soul Calibur.

All in all it was a night of pure DMC fun and camaraderie. Check out more photos from the party on DMC's Facebook page.

Watch the video below for all the details:


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