DMC on the Edge of Seventeen

DMC on the Edge of Seventeen

This week marks DMC's 17th anniversary! While we're not exactly legal to vote or drink yet, we have experienced a lot of exciting developments since our Sweet Sixteen and we're definitely another year older and wiser.

DMC has continued to grow in the past year, and like many 17-year-olds we've expanded out of our home base to a new city. The opening of our Boston office has been a milestone for DMC and we're excited for the new challenges and opportunities that await us on the East Coast.

Reflecting on the past year brings to mind a lot of highlights. We hope you enjoy looking back with us. 

DMC grew to add 17 new employees in the past year (coincidence?)! We greeted our new colleagues with welcome parties and bonded through activity fund events like paintballBeer Hoptacular, a barcade competition, a Night of Magic, a Blues Traveler concert, Disney on Ice, video game night, an improv and baseball ADCM, and our holiday party at the John Hancock Signature Room.

We relaunched DMC's website, adding a cleaner design and features like the video library and mobile skin. 

DMC retained our Microsoft Gold Partner status with Collaboration and Content as well Application Development certifications. We also achieved Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner status. DMC was recognized as a National Instruments Vision Specialty Partner. Additionally, Cesar and Ken received a patent along with LTS Scale for a dimensional detection system.

We were able to participate in some fun industry events like the National Instruments Technical Symposium, NI WeekTexas Instruments Technology Day, the CSIA Executive Conference, and the Siemens Automation Summit.

DMC also did our fair share of hosting events including our second annual Oktoberfest party, the Boston Bash, the Chicagoland LabVIEW Users Group, and a pair of Office 365 events.

When DMC wasn't working or partying we did get physical with athletic events like the Hot Chocolate 5K, Shamrock Shuffle, Bastille Day 8K, the third annual ski trip, and our own soccer team.

We had a lot of fun expanding our video series with shoots documenting Directions to DMC, our Employee Spotlights, and the Most Interesting Engineer in the World.

So while we may not be legal yet, DMC has had a great run on the edge of seventeen. We're looking forward to learning and growing more in the next year and beyond. Thanks for your continued support! We'll let Stevie take it from here...

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DMC Turns Eighteen
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Congratulations Frank and Happy Birthday to DMC! May you enjoy many more years of success, creativity, and fun!

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