Improv and Wrigley Rooftop Baseball

Improv and Wrigley Rooftop Baseball

Working for DMC means that a few times every year you get to participate in an all-day company meeting. These meetings take place offsite and they give everyone a chance to have a great time together while taking part in brainstorming sessions and fun team building exercises. After hearing about and seeing photos from previous ADCMs that involved a tour of Chicago and ziplining, I was beyond excited to experience my first one at Murphy’s Rooftop in Wrigelyville.

The whole DMC crew met up at Murphy’s Rooftop Company to start the day off with some breakfast and a surprise gift of DMC SWAG. Everyone received an awesome duffle bag, a nice warm fleece (which came in handy on the rooftop) and a water bottle to hydrate after the rounds of Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

After everyone was sufficiently stuffed with delicious breakfast fare and outfitted to the max with DMC SWAG, Frank let everyone in on what the day would bring...improv! We were all split into four groups, each with a fearless leader from Second City. Once in our groups we were able to pick our own baseball themed nicknames and start learning how to work together as a team.

This ADCM happened to fall on our President Frank Riordan’s birthday. We all surprised him with NO singing and a tiny cupcake!

We found out that all the games we learned from our Second City group leaders would then be performed in front of everyone before lunch. I can’t speak for everyone but I was super nervous to get up there and do improv. With a little help from a mimosa and my amazing teammates, we were all able to get really into it and have a ridiculous amount of fun.

After all the hilarity of improv it was time for lunch from the grill, beer, and some Cubs baseball on the rooftop! The entire day was an incredible opportunity to learn from and bond with my DMC friends and colleagues while enjoying time at a Chicago landmark!


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DMC Cooks Up Communication at Our All Day Company Meeting

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