Ziplining and Customer Service

Ziplining and Customer Service

A few times each year DMC holds an all-day company meeting. It's a chance for all of our team members to discuss our goals and have some fun together. Past meetings have taken us anywhere from Chicago's waterfront, to an improv session, to the Melrose Park Grand Prix.

For our most recent all-day company we chartered a bus and took the entire to the treetop canopies of Wisconsin.

On the trip to Wisconsin, I gave a presentation on DMC's Customer Service Fundamentals, with an improtu narration of the Johhny the Bagger story. We then had a brainstorming session on how to improve our customer service. It really is pretty amazing how much work you can get done on a motorcoach.

The second most fun part of the day (of course after the great on-the-bus exercise) was the Zipline tour. It was a fantastic experience - culminating with head-to-head zipline races. I can't speak to any other races but in my epic race, Boris edged me out by about 2 milliseconds (not sure if he got a head start or not).

After the ziplining, we made a stop for lunch at the Brat Stop, self-proclaimed home of the "World's Best Brats" (at least I believe it is self-ratified - there may be some sort of Best Brat Ratifying committee that I'm unaware of).

Below are some photos from the day - hope you enjoy!

*Click the images for an enlarged view


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