Engineers + Improv = Creative Messaging

Every three of four months (or so - depending on everyone's schedule) DMC has an all-day off site company meeting to review progress, plan ahead and to try to discuss topics that will improve things both for us and for our customers.

Last week we met and the learning focus was on engaging with clients and delivering the DMC "message." Because we work with such a variety of technologies, processes and industries, it becomes quite challenging to deliver a message that is meaningful and succinct enough to the specific listener.

So, in a little "outside the box" type thinking, we engaged with some professional improv comedians/instructors to work with us on our messaging skills. We were fortunate enough to be led by Marla Caceras, Bill Arnett, and Danny Mora, who have an amazing amount of experience both performing and teaching Chicago comedy (in places like Second City and Chicago IO).

We created three "commercials" from these workshops. Hope you enjoy!


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Ziplining and Customer Service

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