The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video - World Premiere

The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video - World Premiere

Smart People. Expert Solutions. When DMC rebranded in 2011, we had a difficult time trying to distill our service offering, core values, and company culture into a concise tagline. There’s a reason that “Hire Smart People” and “Respond to the Customer” are our #1 and #2 core values, and we think they're well reflected in DMC’s tagline as far as who we are and what we do.

It isn’t everything.

We’re fully aware that many of our customers have the resources to do the work that we do. When customers have this internal capability they don’t always use DMC as a resource - but often they do. We strive to be a partner that our customers want to work with, and we find that when customers get to know us they find us to be (in their words) bright, honest, inspiring, and adaptive. In a word, interesting.

Now “interesting” may not be the very first word that comes to mind when you mention engineering, but it’s a quality we seek and cultivate at DMC. To demonstrate our dedication to the most interesting engineers you know, in addition to being smart people who offer expert solutions, we filmed a fun series of videos.

Check out the debut of our Most Interesting Engineer in the World series below and stay tuned for upcoming editions. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Learn more about DMC's company culture.

Other videos in the series:

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Derek Lee
# Derek Lee
I expected to see Matt Puskala's face in this video.

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