The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video - Part III

The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video - Part III

DMC recently premiered our Most Interesting Engineer in the World video series. It's a fun way to demonstrate our dedication to being the most interesting engineers you know, in addition to being smart people who offer expert solutions.

For the third video in the series, we spoke with the Creative Director of the series, DMC's President Frank Riordan. Enjoy Part III of the video series below!

How did you decide to cast the part of the Most Interesting Engineer in the World?

Frank: Aside from being an interesting engineer himself, his beard and his accent won the role.

What qualities make someone an interesting engineer?

Frank: An interesting engineer is someone who is smart, adaptive, and fun. They also have to be skilled in multiple technologies.

As someone who went to school for engineering and built a business on it, what do you still find interesting about engineering?

Frank: The most interesting part of engineering is simply making a process work. It's exciting to often have the opportunity to do something that has never been done before while improving the business and process of our customers.

What was your favorite part of filming the video series?

Frank: It was so different than a regular day at work! I liked getting into the creative side of things in planning and staging the shoots. It was also really fun to see him take on this role. He was an absolute natural.

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