The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video Part II and Interview

The Most Interesting Engineer In The World Video Part II and Interview

Last week we premiered our Most Interesting Engineer in the World video series. It's a fun way to demonstrate our dedication to being the most interesting engineers you know, in addition to being smart people who offer expert solutions. 

For the second video in the series, we spoke with the man behind the Most Interesting Engineer in the World. Enjoy Part II of the video series below!

What qualities do you think make someone the most interesting engineer in the world?

I think having awesome talents like being a great pilot or climber would make someone a pretty interesting engineer, in addition to the expected skills.

What do you find interesting about engineering?

The thing I love about engineering is that it's a tool to discover things that we currently don't understand, whether it's solving a simple system or space exploration.

How did you connect with your character in this series?

I didn't have to connect! The look of disdain I give a few times in the videos comes naturally haha. Ask my parents or my girlfriend, it's an all-natural look I was born with.

What was your favorite line from the series?

I laugh every time I hear, "He once escaped from an infinite loop."

What did you like best about filming the video series?

Spending the day on Frank's boat was quite different than a normal day at work. It was also a novel experience to have pretty girls talking to me.

What do you hope viewers gain from your performance?

I hope the video series is a reflection of DMC's culture. We're very serious about hiring extremely bright employees and delivering the best solutions and experience possible to our customers, yet DMC's culture thrives on mixing the lighter side of engineering along with lots of fun into our work environment.

If a sequel to the series is ever filmed what other shots would you like to be part of?

I think shark fishing, sky diving, and tackling Lance Briggs would be quite interesting indeed.

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