DMC to Present at the Siemens 2013 Automation Summit

DMC to Present at the Siemens 2013 Automation Summit

As a Siemens Solution Partner, DMC looks forward to attending the annual Siemens Automation Summit each year. Focused on the end users of Siemens automation products, the Summit offers opportunities for best practice sharing, networking, free hands-on training, and providing product input and prioritization for future enhancements. This year’s event, held June 24 – 27 in New Orleans, focuses on the theme of “Community. Experiences. Productivity."


This year, DMC is proud to present three of the Summit’s breakout sessions of best practice sharing. Tim Jager, Cesar Pena, and Jon Carson will demonstrate the following topics:


Tim Jager - HTML5 Web Based HMI

Want to control your PLC with an iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet? We will show you how to use the latest web technologies and the power of the S7 Web server to create user interface and recipe editing screens that can be accessed from any web enabled device, including smartphones and tablets. Specific examples will be given and sample code will be available for free download.


Cesar Pena - Siemens TIA Drastically Simplifies a Complex Batch Processing System

DMC was tasked with converting and streamlining a machine that was using an AB PLC and various software packages by replacing them with a S7 PLC and Comfort Panel. The system originally required a PLC, Full PC, SCADA HMI, Data Historian, Batching Control Software, Microsoft SQL Database, and many custom interface screens. DMC was able to drastically simplify the system (while maintaining all of the required functionality) using a Siemens PLC and HMI Comfort Panel and the TIA portal platform. Find out how we did it and learn some of the interesting tricks we employed to fully leverage the power of the S7 platform in order to accomplish this remarkable task.


Jon Carson - Automated Step7 Source Control

Learn to leverage sophisticated source control solutions like Subversion within the Siemens ecosystem. Vastly reduce housekeeping time spent comparing revisions, carefully saving versions, and merging large programs with multiple developers. DMC will demonstrate their in-house custom tools used for source control as well as release code to the Siemens community for free download. We will also demonstrate additional custom tools created to speed up development, including tools to export Siemens project data to external programs such as HMI software or OPC servers.


DMC is also excited to continue its work with Prism Systems developing the popular Connect Event. Now in its third year, Connect Event 3.0 gives Automation Summit attendees the opportunity to strengthen relationships by networking based on personal connections. The BYOD (bring your own device) event allows attendees to facilitate a series of “speed networking” encounters using their iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device. Connect Event 3.0 will kick off the first night of what’s sure to be a memorable Automation Summit. We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens.


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