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Advantages & Disadvantages of Siemens' TIA Openness

Siemens’ TIA Openness is an API that allows you to interact with TIA Portal using a custom application. Although it is included with TIA Portal, Openness has not seen wide usage, as many programmers don’t see the use of learning a new pro...

Relative Gearing to an External Encoder with a Siemens 1500 PLC

DMC has often encountered a scenario where a customer wants to have a motor drive follow the position of an external encoder. However, a regular 1500 PLC does not allow you to directly gear to an external encoder; this functionality requires a 1500T ...

12 Days of DMChristmas

DMC's Chicago office gets in the holiday spirit with their own take on a Christmas classic. Check out the video for some caroling fun!   Learn more about DMC's company culture.

Using Smart Symbols in Iconics GraphWorx64

The GraphWorX64 software from Iconics is a powerful tool for building HMIs. As an upgrade from GraphWorX32, it offers several new features that allow the designer more flexibility and ease of use. The purpose of this blog post is to focus on the new ...