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Circuit Board Design: Auto-routing in Altium

You've finished and double checked your schematic, all the footprints have been loaded or created, and you've laid out all of your components on your board. Now it is time to route the traces. Traditionally, board designers route traces by...

Fixing Pidgin for Yahoo Messenger

Like many offices, we have adopted the use of instant messenger while at work. It allows us to stay in quick contact with each other, even when working remotely at customer sites. The network we use is the Yahoo Messenger network. Some of us use t...

DMC Launches New Website

We've launched our new and improved website. We implemented our website in-house, so we have full control, allowing us to edit and add new content going forward. We decided to go with a CMS to make this easier. ASP.NET based Dot Net Nuke (DNN) wa...

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