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Geek Challenge Results: Righting the Reindeer

We received several interesting responses to the Santa’s Reindeer problem.  The best one was by Dave Montesano of IMAC Motion Control Corporation.  What Dave did was recognized that the harness between and reindeer should be treated a...

Geek Challenge: Mind-Swapping

Several TV shows vie for the title "Geekiest."  Our nominees are the original Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Battlestar Galactica.  Among animated series none are as admired by geeks as Futurama, and the new season doesn't disappoint...

Geek Challenge:  Constant G-Force Coaster Loops

Last month's challenge was define the shape of a roller coaster loop that would create a constant G-force experience.  We asked what shape to start with, and how to modify it to make the loop.  To create a constant G-force ...

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