The Guide to Life at DMC Houston

The Guide to Life at DMC Houston

Houston has produced some of the nation’s gems, including NASA and Beyoncé. Now, a new masterpiece has arisen—the new and improved DMC Houston office. 

New Building New Me

Prior to the pandemic, DMC Houston relocated to the beautiful Greenway Plaza complex. Our location has prime access to food trucks and fountains. This bigger, better office space has made room for a new ping pong table and an expansion of potted plants.

Exterior view of DMC's new Houston office location

Two office desks at DMC Houston

A conference room at DMC Houston

Our Work 

The Houston team welcomed twelve new engineers from top schools in the country, expanding our team to fifteen people. They will be working on a mixture of automation and LabVIEW projects, which is the bulk of our business here. Houston has proved to be fruitful for our industry. Many of our clients are local, in the oil and gas business, but we are no stranger to travel. 

Our People

Time at DMC Houston is spent creating betting brackets to watch Bachelor in Paradise during lunch. Debating “hot takes”, like which restaurant has the best tacos or whether or not Game of Thrones is terrible, leads us to heated (yet friendly and non-harassing) discussions. Ping pong is an intrinsic part of daily life here in the office, with duels happening daily.  

Before the pandemic, our office expansion gave us plenty of room to host our visitors for our yearly office event (YOE), where DMC employees visit from around the country. We took participants two-stepping, shootin’ guns, and floating the river. The Houston team is excited about all our recent changes and continues to explore all our diverse city has to offer. 

The DMC Houston team inner-tubing

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