#DMCSWAG Challenge Winners

#DMCSWAG Challenge Winners

Earlier this year, we announced the #DMCSWAG Challenge, a photo contest featuring DMC branded items. We got some fun submissions from all over and are excited to announce our winners!

As SWAG experts, the DMC Marketing team served as the competition judges. There were so many fun photos submitted that we chose multiple winners by category.

Most Adventurous

Jimmy Brady and his wife Amanda rocked DMC SWAG while adventuring in Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Most Adventurous DMC SWAG

Furthest Away from DMC Headquarters

Boris took DMC SWAG all the way to Russia!

DMC SWAG Furthest Away

Cutest Use of SWAG

David Gosse sent in this photo of his kids goofing around with a DMC umbrella.


Best Onsite SWAG

Brandon Tanner took DMC SWAG to a rooftop while he was onsite!


Best SWAG by a DMC Partner

Ron Green of Siemens tempted fate by sporting his DMC umbrella inside.

Best Partner SWAG

Lowest Elevation

Sammi sported DMC SWAG underground in a cave. 

Lowest elevation SWAG

Highest Elevation

While John Sullivan took DMC SWAG to a Colorado mountain. 

Highest Elevation SWAG

Best Celebrity Photobomb

Oliver got some famous faces in his DMC SWAG photo. 

Celebrity Photobomb SWAG

Best SWAG at a Historic Site

Ryan and his wife Shafaq rocked DMC SWAG at Barcelona's Sagrada Família!

SWAG at a historic site

Honorable Mention

As one of the judges, I couldn't win but I did snap the DMC dancing robot in Las Vegas.

DMC robot in Las Vegas

Grand Prize

No one better captured the joy of DMC SWAG than our very own Sam Weber. Congratulations!

All winners received a piece of vintage DMC SWAG. Sam won a Nintendo Switch game while runners up won a lens for their cell phone camera to keep snapping great photos. 

DMC SWAG Grand Prize

Thanks to everyone who participated. Need DMC SWAG? Email us and we’ll send you some!

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