Introducing the #DMCSWAG Challenge

Introducing the #DMCSWAG Challenge

Here at DMC, we love sporting fun and useful stuff stamped with the company logo. From our DMC Athletics hoodies to our dancing robot, we have a blast designing new items and sharing them with team members, clients, partners, and friends. 

So far, DMC SWAG has made it all the way to China and Africa! We'd love to see where in the world DMC SWAG goes next. So, we're introducing a photo contest featuring DMC branded items. 

Need DMC SWAG? Email us and we’ll send you some!

swag challenge
#DMCSWAG in Hawaii

How to Participate

Whether you’re hanging out around home or taking a trip, we want to see photos of your DMC SWAG. We’d love to see SWAG in interesting or even mundane places.

swag challenge 2
Rocking #DMCSWAG at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Send your photos of DMC SWAG to or post to social media using #DMCSWAG. The contest closes on April 1.

A team of SWAG experts will award prizes in categories including: funniest picture, strangest place, highest elevation, and most adventurous.

Swag challenge 3
Camping in Colorado

DMC SWAG Disneyland#DMCSWAG at Disneyland's Cars Land

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