Virtual Trivia Night With DMC

Virtual Trivia Night With DMC

It's no secret that at DMC, we like to have fun. We're proud of our strong company culture and just because we can't get together in person right now doesn't mean we can't have fun. 

DMC had our second virtual trivia night on January 27, hosted by The Castle, a favorite board game cafe of our Boston office. In total, there were eight teams of five to eight people, including both DMC employees and some lucky plus-ones. Since most of us are engineers, the question categories were largely science and technology-oriented. That is, except for one category: DMC Youtube.

Our Youtube Channel

For the past eleven years, DMC has published almost 300 videos to our YouTube channel. From peeks into some of DMC's exciting projects to detailed technical guides, we post a lot of useful content for engineers. However, as stated earlier, DMCers like to have fun— and we like to show that off on our Youtube channel. 

We wanted to test our fellow DMCers' knowledge on some of our most iconic videos, like DMC Boston's "Nobody But Me" officewide lipsync or DMC Houston's "Gotta Solve 'Em All." We went through our videos and compiled a list of challenging trivia questions. For example, what food does the St. Louis office review in "DMC Public Radio? Sandwiches, of course (the actual title is "All Sandwiches Considered"). In "Room Pronunciation Guide," who introduces the new Boston office room names? Duh, Muppets!

Try to answer this question: "In a DMC Texas music video, what parody did the office perform?" Do you think it was SCADA Boi/Skater Boi or "She thinks my code is sexy"? Spoiler alert: It was both

Trivia Night Results

In the end, only one team came out on top. Congratulations to DMC's Lillian Walker, Jacob Bruce, Chris Cilino, Abby Greentree, and Nick Leisle, whose team narrowly beat out the others to win top prize! We look forward to hosting more DMC trivia nights and we would love to hear how you're staying connected.

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