Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Best SMB License for Secure Remote Work

Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Best SMB License for Secure Remote Work

Microsoft's cloud-based applications have been an essential part of many companies' ability to work remotely over the last 12 months. Microsoft's anywhere, any device ethos allowed their users to keep connected with coworkers and customers, while also gave them round-the-clock access to all of their business-critical data.

Flexible Work Environments

It was not always an easy process for companies to adjust to the sudden shift in work environments, but many have found that their team members have come to appreciate the flexibility that remote work affords them and are no longer interested in commuting to an office five days a week. These companies are now making plans for remote and hybrid work far beyond 2021.

IT Challenges

The flexibility of hybrid and remote work can be great for individual team members, but also a huge headache for the IT department. These IT departments now have vastly more complex security and compliance requirements.

Safeguard Devices and Data

In response,  Microsoft has added a ton of features and functionality to their Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses. The M365 Business Premium license is designed to give SMB customers the ability to safeguard their devices and data with one easy-to-manage license.

These additional security features include:

I will be going into more detail for each of these applications throughout the rest of this blog series. If you think the new and improved Microsoft 365 Business Premium license is the right fit for your company, please feel free to reach out to me at

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