DMC Recognized as an Inductive Automation Premier Integrator

DMC Recognized as an Inductive Automation Premier Integrator

After completing dozens of successful Ignition projects and with years of experience working with the platform under our belt, DMC is proud to announce we have become an Inductive Automation Premier Integrator.

Highest Level of Partnership

Ignition has become a key platform for our manufacturing automation and intelligence service area, enabling us to solve challenging problems and deliver best-in-class solutions for our customers,” Frank Riordan, President of DMC, said. “Ignition’s robust capabilities and ease of deployment continually prove the platform’s value for our customers and our engineers. DMC is excited to grow our partnership with Inductive Automation.”

Obtaining this highest level of partnership with Inductive Automation has been a goal of DMC’s for years, according to Jay LaFave, Project Engineer and one of DMC’s most experienced Ignition developers. 

“This is a seal of approval from Inductive Automation that we have a track record of successfully implementing projects for many different clients. I’m proud of my colleagues and the company that I work for,” LaFave said. “I think Ignition is such a great product, we are proud to be aligned with it and proud to have found success with it. [Ignition] enables us to do our work efficiently, and it also allows us to deploy effectively. We get projects in the customers' hands very quickly.”

Ignition Premier Integrator Certification LogoAn Efficient and Effective Platform

While DMC’s developers have been collaborating with Inductive Automation for years, this new partner status gives us access to even more resources including monthly seminars with Travis Cox, and Kevin McClusky, Co-Directors of Sales Engineering for Inductive Automation.    

According to Elizabeth Hill, Project Engineer, to reach this partnership level, there were many qualifications DMC had to meet. These included requirements regarding technical ability, community involvement, and sales.

As the first person at DMC to learn Ignition, Hill says it has “a lot of flexibility, a lot of scalability, and is very powerful and modern.” She now works with the platform every single day.

"It's really cool to go from being the first one to learn Ignition at DMC [to] guiding us all the way through to being a Premier Integrator. It's neat to see DMC growing with Ignition, and, honestly, everyone that's worked with Ignition at DMC loves it,” Hill said. “The projects are very fulfilling and they're interesting to work on, so [we are] definitely happy to continue to grow and get more Ignition projects."

Hill foresees DMC continuing to work on more and more Ignition projects, and she is confident that DMC will continue to fulfill all our clients’ project needs—no matter the difficulty or complexity. 

“You're going to get a high-quality project from anything that we program,” Hill said. “It also means that we can tackle more difficult projects.”

Both Hill and LaFave agree that this partnership is a great step towards establishing DMC’s credibility and authority on Inductive Automation’s Ignition platforms.

“At the end of the day, our client's success is what makes us successful. We are really thankful that Inductive Automation makes a product that makes it so easy for us to create successful solutions for our clients,” LaFave said. “For a customer who is looking to implement Ignition, this partner status provides peace of mind and confidence that we'll be able to do the job."

Learn more about DMC’s partnership with Inductive Automation and contact us for your next project.


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