Beer Under Glass 2022

Beer Under Glass 2022

DMC Chicago recently used their Activity Fund (DMC's monthly budget for fun activities) to attend Beer Under Glass 2022, an annual festival and fundraiser where attendees can try unique craft beers and support breweries across Illinois and beyond.

Although typically held at the Garfield Park Conservatory, the 2022 event took place at Chicago's Union Station. This year marks DMC’s 4th year in attendance. 

DMC Chicago group photo at Beer Under Glass 2022

DMC Chicago taking a photo at Beer Under Glass 2022

DMCers take a photo at Beer Under Glass 2022

DMC Chicago group photo at Beer Under Glass 2022

Chicago Project Engineer, Keith Janson, weighs in this year's selections:

Keiths Hot Takes
Lil Beaver Brewing:

"I believe this place is by Rivian, so if you’ve been doing rotations, hopefully you’ve been able to check it out. I want to say I’ve had one of their collabs before, but I’ve seen them around more and more and their stuff looks pretty interesting."

Western Suburbs:

Energy City Brewing
"I’ve had one or two of their 'Bistro' beers, and they are like smoothies. If you’re into super fruity beers that borderline on tropical drinks, this is worth a shot."

Northern Illinois:

Phase Three
"They are a must grab for me when I see them — never a disappointment — and both their IPAs and stouts are excellent. They are becoming more and more available, and you can usually find their flagship Pixel Density. My only problem with them is that their taproom is so far away."


Hop Butcher for the World
"These guys are still one of the hottest breweries in Chicago. This past year they purchased Half Acre’s old brewery and are finally setting up their tap room (no idea when it will be open). Kind of like Phase Three, they can be hard to find but are getting better. I’ve never seen some at Binny’s — so aggravated as when I ask if they have any Hop Butcher because everyone asks, and they can’t keep up with stock."

Honorable Mentions:

BBGB Brewery
"These guys look absolutely dope, but in a 'need to be there' way. They are like an integrated indoor farm/brewpub focused on local ingredients."

Art History Brewing
"I believe these guys got on my radar this year via a collab they did. Everything they do is no-frills traditional interpretations of classic beer styles. You can usually find their 'Bauhaus' pilsner at Binnys."

"I’ve talked about these guys ad nauseum. Everything they do absolutely slays. Their taproom is smallish, but they’ve been expanding and now have a cool patio area. Over covid, they were allowed to use the alley next to their building for outdoor seating, so I’m hoping the tradition continues. They always have beer icecream cones now, which are perfect for summer. I’m hoping they bring their 'She Blends A lot,' which is a blend of several of their barrel-aged beers that the ladies of the brewery put together. They will definitely have a lot of buzz, so go early and often at BUG."

Exit Strategy
"Per every year, come show some support for Forest Park’s only brewery! Just a few miles from my house, they have great beer and better food. Persephone is their flagship — which I believe is a pomegranate ale. They’ve done a peach cobbler beer a few times (even barrel aged I believe) called Boozy Peaches that is a must have. Something about peaches in beer just works for me."

"Based out of my child hometown Darien, these guys have a D&D line of beers that never disappoint. If anything sounds tangentially D&D related, definitely try it out."

Noon Whistle Brewing
"I’ve talked about them before, but I’m going to re-hype their Fuzzy Smack peach beer. Again, peaches and beer just work."

"Just up the street from the office, these guys are always solid. I’m not a huge fan of their store-shelf beers (usually some variation of Juicy Pants and Fat Pug), but their taproom stuff is great. I once had a Teddy Graham beer here that forever changed me."

"These guys are solid. I had a Strawberry Lemonade Freeze inspired beer by them once that was phenomenal."

Misbeehavin’ Meads
"I love mead, and these guys are great. I honestly am only putting them on this list so I can sing 'Running through the house with a pickle in my mouth' when I get there…"

One Lake
"These guys opened up down the street from my house a few years ago in an old bank on the corner of Austin and Lake. Another fairly traditional brewery, their Tripel (Will Robinson is what it’s called) is dangerously drinkable."

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