FedEx Day 2022

FedEx Day 2022

DMC recently participated in its 9th annual FedEx Day. On FedEx Day, DMCers take a break from typical workday tasks to collaborate on an internal project. The project must be delivered, at least in part, by the end of the day. 

While this time is often used to complete a task that one doesn't have time to complete during a normal workday, participants are encouraged to spend the day on a project that is fun and innovative.

DMC offices nationwide participated in this beloved tradition. The day began with a kickoff meeting at DMC's Chicago headquarters, where opening remarks and DMC trivia were delivered over breakfast. Teams then dispersed to brainstorm and, shortly afterwards, FedEx Day 2022 officially began.

Here are some of this year's projects. Stay tuned for more projects from FedEx day 2022!


Ping Pong Dashboard

DMC's IT and App Dev teams migrated the Chicago offices ping pong scoring app to Microsoft Azure and implemented a touch-screen display in the Chicago office breakroom.

 DMC Chicago's Ping Pong Application         

Pop-a-Shot Automation 

Chicago's Embedded team added a scoreboard to the offices "Pop a Shot" basketball game. 

DMC Chicago automating the pop a shot basketball game.

Roof Garden Refresh

Chicago DMCers spruced up their rooftop garden (with some help from DMC dogs Nola and Pippin).

DMC Chicago sprucing up the rooftop garden

DMC Dog Pippin in the rooftop garden

IoT Plant Monitoring System

DMC's Embedded team also developed an IoT plant monitoring system using an ESP32-based sensing device and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant platform

DMC's IoT plant monitoring system

Meditation Room

DMC's Internal Operations team banded together to create a meditation room for the Chicago office.

DMC Chicago putting together a meditation room


DMC's Cincinnati office settled into their new office by decorating the space with framed posters.  

New posters in the DMC Cincinnati office


DMC Dallas also spent the day beautifying their office space with DMC posters and plants to encourage more Dallas DMCers to collaborate in-person.

New plants at the DMC Dallas Office


Pool Tracking App 

DMC Denver's pool ball tracking app

DMC's Denver office worked together to upgrade their pool ball tracking application. This application uses Xamarin to track the number and location of pool balls on the game table.

Marble Bot

DMC Denver's marble bot project

DMC's Denver team continuted to work on the "Marble Bot," an automated machine that sorts marbles into 16 columns and rows to recreate images drawn on a Siemens HMI


Our Houston office created an Indoor Garden with an Automated Watering system to keep their plants thriving while working from home. 

St. Louis

The St. Louis team created a cloud-hosted Minecraft server with DMC-wide access for team-building fun.

DMC’s 26th Birthday Celebration

This year's FedEx day fell on DMC's 26th birthday! DMC Chicago closed out the day with a birthday celebration on the rooftop. 

DMC's birthday cake

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