Paddle Boarding on Lake Michigan - DMC Chicago

Paddle Boarding on Lake Michigan - DMC Chicago

DMC's Chicago office recently used their Activity Fund budget to go paddleboarding on Lake Michigan. 

DMC Chicago during paddleboard training

The morning began with a quick lesson in proper paddleboarding — including how to stand up to reduce your chances of falling and how to navigate using the paddles. After the lesson, the group was free to head out onto the lake. 

DMC Chicago Paddleboarding at Chicago SUP

It was a great way to enjoy the last of the summer weather.

John Nicholas, systems engineer at DMC Chicago, described the event as really successful and relaxing.

"We were all kind of concerned that it might be cold because it was maybe 60,75 degrees, but it really warmed up once we got on the water and the sun came out," said Nicholas. "When we were actually on the water, it was super beautiful. The water was nice and refreshing, the weather was beautiful, [and it was] almost 80 degrees."

DMC Chicago Paddleboarding at Chicago SUP

North Avenue Beach gave the team the added bonus of a great view. 

"We got a fantastic view of the Chicago skyline," Nicholas said. "That really stuck out to me as one of the best parts." 

DMC enjoying the Chicago Skyline on Lake Michigan

There were several first-time paddleboarders in the group, but, espite the challenge, there were plenty of tranquil moments.

"You don't have to stand the whole time," said Nicholas. "We got to sit down and rock along with the waves and see the beautiful view of Chicago in the summer."

Sit Down Paddleboarding

The liesurely moning was great for catching up with friends and teammates. 

"Sometimes we were paddling next to each other and we'd chat about different things: sometimes work and sometimes not," Nicholas said. "I was talking to Aaron about some of the different vidoegames we're looking forward to playing." 

DMC Chicago Paddleboarding at Chicago SUP

DMC Chicago Paddleboarding at Chicago SUP

The group got together for a final group photo before leaving the lake. 

paddle Boarding Group Photo

"The serene atmosphere made it easy to wander for [some poeple] had drifted away from the group," said Nicholas. "It was a mad dash to to paddle and try and get in the photo. Luckily, everyone made it in time." 

While exiting the beach, they spotted another group doing paddleboard yoga, which gave them an idea for an even more relaxing (and challenging) future Activity Fund event.  

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