October Fun at DMC

October Fun at DMC

To have fun is a core value at DMC. From our Activity Fund (a monthly budget dedicated to fun activities), to the 'welcome parties' thrown for each employee upon joining DMC or Yearly Office Events (YOEs), there's always someithing fun going on at one of our offices.

Fall is finally here! The weather is cooler, and pumpkin spice is wafting in the air — but the fall chill doesn't stop the fun at DMC! From the YOEzarks to office happy hours, here's what we've been up to in October!

2022 Lake of YOEzarks!

The great DMC YOE finally made its return! This year, DMCers from across the regional offices gathered in St. Louis for a week of fun, bonding, and good times. Here's just a taste of what went down!

A group of people playing an arcade game

Blowing off some steam at the arcade!

A group of people having dinner at a restaurant

Everyone getting ready for a great feast with drinks at a local winery.

A group of people gathered around a fire pit.

Good food, good company, a warm fire, and a scenic view. What else do you need?

A group of people on a cave tour

Time for a spelunking adventure!

A person standing by a river

Taking a minute to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Two people riding in a boat

Did someone say boat party?!

A group of people in a lodge.

Just one of the many YOEzarks bonding activities — playing card and board games!

A group of people relaxing in a lake.

Soaking up the last bits of summer on the lake!

Here's a recap of the weekend:

Clay Shooting & Ice Cream Party

After clay shooting, the DMC Denver office went out for ice cream!

A group of people eating ice cream on a patio.

Dance Dance Revolution Happy Hour

DMC Boston had a DDR happy hour!

A group of people surrounding a DDR game

Cincinnati Welcome Party

The Cincinnati office welcomed Zach Sieber and picked up some sweet new art for the office!

Three men hold a caricature of themselves at a fair.

Axe Throwing

The Dallas office prepared for battle with axe throwing!

A group of people in front of a neon sign reading "All my axes live in Texas"

Surprise Baby Shower

The Houston office held a surprise baby shower for Elizabeth Hill Reed!

A baby shower

Dinner (and Dessert) in D.C.

The D.C. office went out for dinner at Union Market...

A group of people having dinner on a patio.

and learned how to make moon cakes!

A group of people make moon cakes at a restaurant.

Pirate Ship Welcome Party

Shiver me timbers! The Chicago office journeyed the great lake on a pirate ship!

A group of people on a sailboat.

Pumpkin Palooza Activity Fund

The Chicago ofice also got together for an evening of food, drinks, and pumpkin carving! Read about it here

Two people pose by a carved jack-o-lantern

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