DMC Washington DC's YOE-ekend

DMC Washington DC's YOE-ekend

Yearly Office Events are a staple of DMC’s company culture. Each year, any of our 13 office locations are welcome to host a weekend of activites in their city for anyone from DMC to attend. 

While these events usually span the greater part of a week, DMC DC recently hosted a "YOE-ekend" and welcomed DMC to explore Washington DC on a shortened timeline. 

This was the first YOE the DC Team hosted. Adam Wojcik, Senior Manager of DMC’s Mid-Atlantic region, coordinated the event.

“We had a really small team with just three people in the DC office, so we tried to scope it to a smaller group, targeting something like 4 to 6 guests, Adam said. "It was still a really fun time. We had 4 DMC people and 3 plus ones."

Attendees started the weekend with dinner, karaoke, and board games on the office rooftop. 

The fun continued with a Tiki Boat Cruise along the National Mall.

The boat cruise took place on the Smithsonian's "Solstice Saturday", giving the DC group the perfect follow up activity to their boat ride. They spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the museums during extended hours. 

And the group managed to dodge the rain that was surrounding that whole weekend. 

The DC office is already making plans for a full-length YOE in the near future.  

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