Fun at DMC - Volume 16

Fun at DMC - Volume 16

Check out all the fun DMCers have had over the past month!


DMCers across multiple offices set up a Minecraft server together to play the nostalgic game of Minecraft. With voice chat available, this is an opportunity to interact and talk with people from other offices.

"A bunch of DMCers decided to go explore and adventure together while some others decided to build a small town with houses and farms," Davi Alves Oliva, Systems Engineer who helped get the initial configuration set up, said. "Another group decided to build automatic contraptions to make everyone else lives easier!"

Cross Office Minecraft Server


DMC Chicago checked out Lincoln Square's Oktoberfest — how festive!

Chicago Lincoln Square Oktoberfest

The Electrical Engineering team was also in town and spent an evening with DCMers from the Chicago office bowling at Whirlyball!


The Cincinnati office broke in their new pool table with visitor Ben Griffith!

Cincinnati New Pool Table

They also enjoyed lunch at Skyline with another Chicago visotor: Brian Sanderson!

Lunch at Skyline in Cincinnati


DMC Denver attended the Great American Beer Festival to enjoy some brews and also had a nice Sunday picnic in the park!

Great American Beer Fest in Denver

Great American Beer Fest in Denver selfie


Our Houston office welcomed Gail Mayes with Tacos for lunch!

Houston & San Diego

The Houston and San Diego offices had a crossover event where they went line dancing at Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon in Houston!

New York

DMC New York welcomed Megan Flynn with authentic Szechuan cuisine for lunch at Sichuan!

San Diego

San Diego ate some yummy pho and then went to an Escape Room!

San Diego Pho group photo

San Diego Escape Room


DMC Seattle welcomed Rodrigo Campos and Kyle Bolin with dinner followed by a Seattle Sounders soccer game vs. LA galaxy.

Washington, D.C.

Our DC office was excited to attend career fairs this past month!

Washington DC Office excited at a career fair

Learn more about DMC's company culture and check out our open positions!


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