Siemens National Partner Meeting

Siemens National Partner Meeting

Tim Jager & I are getting ready to go to the Siemens National Partner Meeting next week in Stone Mountain, GA (just outside of Atlanta).

DMC has been a Siemens Solution Partner since 2003 and being able to go to events like this is one of the benefits of the program. We are able to learn about the newest technologies, network with Siemens sales and tech support people and hear about future Siemens plans. We also are able to enjoy the famous Siemens hospitality (not the type of event to go to if you're on a diet).

We feel that these types of formalized integrator relationships are highly beneficial to all parties - the manufacturer, the integrator, and, especially, the customer. The benefits include:

  • Qualified Engineers - most integrator programs have a fairly rigorous qualification program. For the Siemens Solution Partner Program DMC is quite proud to have MORE certified engineers than any other integrator in the country
  • Enhanced Communications - because of the ongoing relationships that the integrators have with the manufacturers, the ability to get the right answers from the right person quickly is dramatically increased.
  • Track Record of Success - any quality integrator program will have as a fundamental criterion that the member integrators have successfully implemented several projects using the manufacturer's technologies.

The bottom line benefit of integrator programs like the Siemens program is that they reduce the risk when selecting an integrator. Of course, that's not to say that every "certified" integrator will do a great job (nor that an integrator that isn't formally certified will do a poor job). It's just a good tool that can be used when selecting an integrator.

Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens.


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