4 Tips to Avoid Continuous Credential Prompts in SharePoint 2010

4 Tips to Avoid Continuous Credential Prompts in SharePoint 2010

In some cases, regardless of how well a SharePoint site is built out, users express frustration when discussing the user experience. Examples are asking for your credentials every time you open a file, experiencing long wait times, or having trouble accessing pages. As it turns out, the difficulties that they are experiencing can usually be solved with a few simple configuration settings on your web browser.

Here are some quick tips that can be performed by any novice user to enhance your user experience.  (These tips also apply for SharePoint 2007) 

1. Make sure you are using the 32-bit version of IE.  64-bit IE is not supported by SharePoint. 

2. Turn off “Automatically detect settings” in your browser options (Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings).  See image below.

3. Make sure that your SharePoint site is allowed by any pop-up blockers you have installed on your browser (the Google Toolbar is a notable culprit). 

4. Add your SharePoint Site to the Intranet Zone (Internet Options->Security->Local Intranet->Sites->Advanced). See image below.


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