DMC Fun on, and off, and in, the Water

DMC Fun on, and off, and in, the Water

Like we do about three times a year, we had an all-company all day off-site meeting last Friday. The agenda for the day was pretty fantastic - we all loaded up on my boat at Belmont Harbor (maybe a little crowded), headed south to the Chicago Harbor Lock, & then down the river to Ping Tom Park.

Once at Ping Tom Park, we broke up into several small groups and handed video cameras to each group with the mission of recording stories that capture DMC's culture, capabilities, lessons learned and history.

After a few hours of videotaping, we went back to the lake to enjoy the Chicago Air & Water Show practice day. There were swimmng relays, amazing acrobatics off the boat and some pretty cool jets flying right above us.

Blue Angels Air Show 2010

While we plan on posting many more videos from the day on the DMC YouTube Channel, I thought the following two would be a fun start. The first one, Danny Budzinski does a fun, impromptu commercial about DMC, the second one, Boris Cherkasskiy explains, in his own words (and language) what it's like to work at DMC.

If you found this post fun, then you'll be sure to enjoy a related post from last year.


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