Geek Challenge: Righting the Reindeer

Geek Challenge: Righting the Reindeer

Santa’s reindeer and sleigh in flight are typically drawn nearly horizontally like they would be if standing on the ground.  However,  the lift and thrust comes only from the reindeer.  The sleigh, which is not wing-shaped, provides only weight and aerodynamic drag.  

The 8 reindeer are connected single-file to the sleigh, and each reindeer provides equal lift, thrust, weight, and drag.  Which of the following should be the shape of the eight reindeer hitch in straight and level flight?

A: Concave Down
Geek Challenge

B: Concave Up
Geek Challenge

C: Straight In-Line
Geek Challenge

The correct answer with the best engineering content will be this month’s winner. Submit your responses to


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