Guest Blog - Bruce Nesbitt of Orion Industries

Our firm started partnering with DMC in 1998 to help us integrate some machine controls with computer readouts of SPC data.  As computer technology evolved, our old 386 PC computers became obsolete fairly quickly.  While the basic 1998 machines continued to work, we experienced glitches.  Finally, we called DMC to help get us out of the jam.

We have relied on DMC engineers, particularly Ken, for our more modern machinery like six-axis robots. The old clunker machines, however, really needed to keep running and we did not want to update to newer computers requiring all new software.  Delighted isn't the word for how we feel about DMC's capability to resurrect from their archives the machine code they wrote around 1998, continuing to keep our functional yet technically obsolete machines working.

Frank Riordan suggested we have DMC’s staff of engineers create a program whereby the old machines will be checked periodically and consistently by the DMC engineers so we don't have to call out Mayday anymore. Hats off to DMC!!!

Sincerely yours, Bruce Nesbitt
President, Orion Industries


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