DMC Featured as Guest Speaker at MANA Workshop

DMC Featured as Guest Speaker at MANA Workshop

Paul Pease and Peter Zafiro of The Pease Group recently invited DMC to speak at the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association's (MANA) "Successful Rep Channel Management" workshop on March 11th. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how SharePoint can be used as an extranet to support sales activities.

Business Owners and Sales Managers often struggle to communicate in a timely and effective way with their independent channel reps. My goal as guest speaker was to explain how technology can be applied to address such communication challenges, while also providing direct support to the sales efforts of their channel reps.

Following a discussion about communication challenges, I introduced participants to Microsoft SharePoint and demonstrated how to use it as a Sales Extranet. To be effective, a SharePoint Sales Extranet must make it easy for channel reps and sales managers to communicate and share information.

Key components of the Sales Extranet demonstration included:

  • Providing easy access to information reps need (e.g. product and service collateral/specs, case studies, checklists)
  • Finding information quickly (e.g. current and past proposals, meeting notes, contacts)
  • Sharing details about sales activities (e.g. central meeting calendars, travel schedules, industry events)
  • Communicating and collaborating effectively (e.g. auto-notification about changes to quotes / collateral / price changes / announcements, discussion forums for communicating with peers and managements)
  • Sales performance dashboards (e.g. real-time views of company, division, product, and individual rep performance)

To get help with your SharePoint implementation or integrating SharePoint with other systems, please contact me via email or phone ( or 312-386-7463).


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