On Top of the Game at DMC Chicago's ADCM

On Top of the Game at DMC Chicago's ADCM

DMC Chicago’s All Day Company Meeting (or ADCM for short) was all set for Thursday, August 18th. The theme of the day was Customer Service Excellence. The schedule, which Frank and I had spent the past week meticulously putting together, was ambitious. We figured that an hour presentation, followed by two hours of brainstorming, lunch, then an outdoor ropes course would not only be an awesome team-building, camaraderie fostering, memory-making opportunity, but would also generate some great ideas to add to DMC’s already amazing Customer Service MO.

Early Thursday morning, 54 DMCers squeezed onto a 55 passenger coach bus and spent the ride viewing some of Frank’s favorite customer service-related lectures and movie clips. Upon arrival, everyone piled into a classroom at Loyola University’s Retreat and Ecology Campus for Frank’s presentation. We then got to work brainstorming ways to improve our customer service practices. Discussing our customer services challenges and bright spots as a team provided us with plenty of new ideas to keep us on top of our game.

But then it rained.

And rained.

And rained some more.

While everyone was enjoying their tacos in the chapel (yes, chapel – see the group photograph), I set out to find an alternative activity that could accommodate 54 participants with less than an hour’s notice.

Enter: bowling, arcade games, and laser tag. What could be better for such a hyper-competitive crew? So we piled back onto the bus, broke out the brews, and headed over to Brunswick Zone.

All in all, our last minute activity switch was a great experience. We shared stories, adult beverages, bad bowling scores, and Danny finally got to play laser tag.* It was another productive and fun ADCM!

*Apparently, it’s been a dream of Danny’s to challenge his fellow engineers to several rounds of to-the-death laser tag.

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DMC Cooks Up Communication at Our All Day Company Meeting

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