DMC Boston Celebrates Its Inaugural Oktoberfest

DMC Boston Celebrates Its Inaugural Oktoberfest

This month, DMC Boston held its inaugural Oktoberfest party. The night went on in true DMC tradition, as we entertained our guests for this fall celebration. Our visitors, both friends and contacts of DMC, came from throughout the Northeast to enjoy the night with us.

In order to properly prepare for the occasion, two of our resident brewers, Bill Sowerine and Ryan Landwehr, prepared a beer and a cider, respectively. The beer, which we dubbed Rorschach and labeled appropriately, was strong and sour, giving people an impression of green apples. The cider was sweet and strongly spiced, for all the world an apple pie in liquid form. However, the two shone strongest when combined, making for an excellent, balanced taste that unmistakably resembled a caramel apple – an unintentional triumph!  Rounding out the beverages was a selection of fall bottles and a keg each of porter and Oktoberfest.

DMC personalized mugs to fill with our own homebrewed beer.

Employees and guests enjoy homebrewed beer.

And where drink abounds, food must follow: Jacob Wirth’s catered the party with plenty of pretzels, sausage, spaetzel, sauerkraut, potato salad, and potato pancakes. Supplemented by a table of German chocolate cake, Danishes, éclairs, and other snacks and viennoiseries, we were full and happy the whole night through.

DMC Boston engineers mingle over food and beer at Oktoberfest.

DMC Boston employees enjoy Jacob Wirth catering at Oktoberfest.

Guests mingle and enjoy food at DMC Boston.

Music was a mix of a classic party playlist arranged by our own Ryan Taylor and an assortment of polkas selected by Pandora, both piped through our now-completed office-wide speaker system. We also enjoyed performances by an accordion player we had brought in for the celebration. Decked out in lederhosen and running through a wide repertoire of songs, he gave us an excellent soundtrack to the festivities and our conversations.

Our very oen accordian player showed up in Boston to play some tunes.

Marketing Coordinator, Jessica, poses with the accordian player at the DMC Boston office.

And what is a party without a little magic?  A magician dropped by for the night, as well, entertaining us with card tricks, improbably-multiplying balls, un-ringable bells, reassembling ropes, and many other unlikely acts. While we suspected our office’s Elizabeth Rapoport of being a planted magician’s assistant in helping to pull the wool over our eyes, she hasn’t fessed up yet!

The magician brought an element of allure to DMC Boston.

The magician made his rounds during the Oktoberfest party.

Towards the close of the night, all of the DMCers crowded in front of a backdrop set up in the lab for pictures at our photo booth. We took silly snapshots with a system designed by our own Jason Mayes and with a full band’s worth of new props!  Now, we all have a few photos at our desks to help us reminisce over the night.

Thanks to all who were able to celebrate with us. We're excited to bring a DMC tradition to Boston!

DMC decorated with this Oktoberfest banner and more.

All DMC employees pose with the accordian player for a picture.

The DMC Boston employees pose for a picture.

More Oktoberfest decorations, including a pumpkin and flowers.

Jessica tastes some homebnrewed beer at DMC Boston.

The DMC Oktoberfest photo opps were great fun.

More DMC photo opps


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