DMC Denver Runs for Pumpkin Pie

DMC Denver Runs for Pumpkin Pie

On Saturday, November 15 the DMC Denver team geared up for what would be our first group run: The Pumpkin Pie 5k and 10k. The days leading up to the race were full of trepidation as we watched the temperature slowly drop into the single (and negative!) digits. Finally, on the day of the run, at a whopping 30 degrees we were at our corrals in City Park ready for the starting cue.

It was snowing and the path was icy, but that didn’t stunt our competitive natures as we slid and raced along the slippery City Park path.

Otto and John were the most competitive, and though Otto won by 45 seconds, the competition was fierce. Despite the freezing temperatures and our frozen fingers, toes and taste buds, I thought the pie tasted no less delicious.

DMC Denver engineer Jimmy enjoys a slice of pie after the race.

All in all we had a great time, running and making snow angels, but were happy to be back in the warmth when the race was finished.

DMC Denver engineers make snow angels.

Check out our times below:

DMC Denver engineers finish times for Pumpkin Pie Run.


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