DMC Denver Enjoys 62 Degree Weather in December

DMC Denver Enjoys 62 Degree Weather in December

At DMC Denver we pride ourselves on having as much fun in the great outdoors as is possible. When we aren’t skiing, we are biking or hiking or climbing. Which is why for an after work happy hour we decided to hit up the LoDo bar scene in search of an outdoor patio. Much to our surprise, we were also able to enjoy bags, Giant Jenga and Giant Connect Four. 

We indulged in half-price appetizers and some delicious Colorado local brews including porters, IPAs and amber ales. The best part of the night though was when we decided to have a fake photoshoot playing volleyball to make our office counterparts in Chicago and Boston jealous. We then proceeded to play an actual game of volleyball because it was 62 degrees and all, so why not?

Despite my being the weakest link in the game (nearly starting the ball on fire by sending it straight toward the outdoor fire pit!), Boris, Otto, John and Nick carried the load and the game was a fun (super preemptory) season warm up.

We were happily satisfied with our new bar find and are excited to discover more niche bars in the Denver area.

DMC Denver engineers and employees enjoy a fun work atmosphere.

DMC Denver engineers and admin enjoy an afterwork volleyball game in December.

DMC Denver employees bond after work with fun outdoor activities.


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