DMC Denver Reads Literature

DMC Denver Reads Literature

DMC has had a business book club going for quite a while, and we’ve read some really influential books that have changed a lot of things around our three offices. But we were somehow unfulfilled in our reading endeavors here in Denver, so we decided to start a literature book club to balance out the very right-brained work and reading we normally do here. 

Our first pick was A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess and made even more famous by Stanley Kubrick’s very gratuitous film. Though apprehension was high when I recommended the book, I quickly assured everyone that the book is much less disturbing than the film. So it was agreed, and everyone ordered their print, digital, and audible copies so we could hash out our own thoughts and opinions about the text, as well as discuss the author’s ideas and intentions.

We held our book club at Blake Street Vault and enjoyed beer and good food along with stimulating conversation. 

Most people thought the book was too violent and didactic, and they couldn't identify with the main character Alex. Though the central theme of freewill and the author's intentions in telling the story were valid, most people thought it was all a bit over the top and at times predictable. Those who listened to the book on audible enjoyed it more than those who read the book, because they were able to hear the signature Nasdat language spoken by the author himself. Many readers found the language to be distracting and inhibited them from immersing themselves more fully in the text. It also seemed that those who hadn't see the movie, enjoyed the book more than those who had.

We are super excited for our next read: The Martian written by mechanical engineer Andy Weir. This one, is right up our alley and will serve both the literary fanatics and the engineering-minded crew here at DMC Denver.


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