1-Up with DMC Denver

1-Up with DMC Denver

The Denver office finally tried out the 1-Up Arcade Bar in downtown Denver. I say finally because 1-Up is located exactly 354 feet from the entrance of our building (according to Google Maps). Despite the fact that DMC Denver officially opened in April 2015 (and has been occupied by DMC engineers for even longer), our group had yet to meander over to 1-UP for some brews and old-school gaming. The DMC Chicago office has hit up a beercade on more than one occasion, even though it's a whopping 1.5 miles away from the office, so it was definitely time for us to get our game on.

1-Up is close to DMC

The Arcade Bar (or "Beercade", if you will) was the very first of its kind in Denver and has over 45 classic arcade games. A lot of them are multiplayer games, which made it a lot of fun for us to compete against each other.We played classic games like Mortal Kombat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Frogger, and Pinball. We also played my favorite modern game: Pac Man Battle Royale, which is 4-player twist on the original that requires each player to bulk up on white dots and eat the other Pac Men on the board to advance (or leave them to the ghosts).

The gaming ended with a Skee-Ball competition that was well contested by all.

Skeeball Competition

Skeeball Winner

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