IAMCP Features Interview with DMC's Rick Rietz

IAMCP Features Interview with DMC's Rick Rietz

DMC is a proud member of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) whose mission is to connect Microsoft partners and leverage their joint strengths in delivering world class client solutions while enhancing their ties to Microsoft.The IAMCP recently featured an interview with Rick Rietz, DMC’s Director of Consulting Services, about developing relationships within the association.

Rietz detailed the dividends of investing in the IAMCP partnership in an article that was featured in their monthly newsletter. Although initially hesitant to engage with the association, Rietz quickly found value in developing a referral network among members.

"The currency is trust and knowing that referrals will come back around," said Rietz. He cites IAMCP networking and referrals for a 10% increase in revenue in 2015.

Other membership highlights mentioned in the article include a strong peer network, educational opportunities, and being an advisor and connector."Investing in IAMCP pays dividends in the form of new business, an excellent peer network, education, and how your customers will view your ability to help them," said Rietz.

Read the full article on IAMCP's website and learn more about DMC’s Microsoft Consulting Services. 


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