DMC Denver at Nitro Circus

DMC Denver at Nitro Circus

Most of the world tends to ignore billboards, but sometimes you see an ad so intriguing, you just have to go home and look it up. Nitro Circus was one of those billboards. With a giant display right by DMC's Denver office, it was hard for us to ignore the temptation to check it out. So… we did! 

We decided the show was a must-see, and used the DMC Activity Fund back in November to go check out the Nitro Circus live. If you've never heard of it, Nitro Circus is an extreme sport show that started out a few years ago, primarily doing dirt bike tricks. Since then, the show has expanded to include a lot of other crazy things… like taking a kayak and a shopping cart off a 20-30 foot jump. You may have actually heard of or seen Nitro Circus before on TV, as they actually teamed up with MTV back in 2009 for a full two-season TV show run. It was apparently one of MTV's most popular series of all-time.

"Step Up" was one of my favorite acts in the show. One rider would go off of a ramp and do a trick, and then the next rider had to do the same trick, plus a backflip. A set of announcers kept the show rolling with descriptions of the tricks and short bios of the performers, mixed in with some great rock n' roll tunes. Amazingly, several of the stunts were actually done with fireworks going off in the background in addition to the flame towers on the sides of the ramps. The stadium was relatively small, so we could actually feel the heat radiating from the ceiling as each explosion went off. But honestly, would any extreme sports show really be complete without pyrotechnics? 

One of the performers we saw had sustained a paralyzing injury in a show about a year ago, and this was his first time back in the show since then. He did a backflip on a custom-built motorbike to accommodate his injury, and it was really inspiring to see him get right back into it as soon as he could. We also got to see a lot of other performers live that you would normally only see on TV in worldwide competitions.

An animated GIF photo of dirt bikers doing flips off of ramps in a row during the opening stunts of Nitro Circus.

Some of DMC's Denver office and their guests posing outside of the stadium at Nitro Circus

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