DMC Dines at Chicago Restaurant Week 2016

DMC Dines at Chicago Restaurant Week 2016

At DMC, we've been known to get pretty creative in spending our Activity Fund, a monthly stipend for planning employee social activities. One longstanding tradition is to get everyone out and about in the dead of winter for some adventurous eating during Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week offers fixed price menus at over 350 eateries around town. It's a great way to have an affordable meal at a normally pricey restaurant or to just get out and try new places. This year, 20 DMC employees and friends enjoyed Restaurant Week over two meals.

Cherry Circle Room

The Cherry Circle Room is an upscale restaurant located in the recently restored Chicago Athletic Association Hotel in the Loop. The menu is based on late-19th and early-20th century menus from the Athletic Association's heyday as a gentleman's club.

We enjoyed a five-course meal that included delicious kabocha squash ravioli and broiled walleye pike. The setting was sleek, the meal was decadent, and the service was exquisite. Molly and I agreed that although dessert isn't usually our favorite, we almost licked the chocolate ganache and smoked apple butter off our plates. 


Nick T. and Nikhil ordered the OG, a mouthwatering 20 oz. ribeye. Despite the fancy setting, they weren't too shy to pick up the bone at the end of the meal and gnaw it clean. We didn't want the night to end so we ordered an extra course because, as Lauren said, "You should never apologize for beef tartare."


Our second Restaurant Week dinner explored sustainable fish & seafood at Kinmont in the River North neighborhood. The exposed-brick walls & antique chandeliers were an elegant backdrop for our seafood feast. 

When it came to choosing a favorite course, everyone was in agreement! Steven learned that the beignets are not pronounced “BIGE NETS." "You can’t go wrong with fried dough dipped in Nutella," said Stephanie. According to Eric, "The Nutella cream was so tasty, I drank what remained when I finished dipping my beignets in it."

Our waistlines might still be in recovery, but we're already looking forward to enjoying the next DMC food adventure together!

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