DMC Denver's Poker Night

DMC Denver's Poker Night

Every DMC office loves poker. Around this time last year, I was still working in the Chicago office, where we held one of our infamous Friday night poker tournaments.

Within the last year, I answered the call of the mountains and moved out to Colorado to join our Denver office. Now, the poker tradition lives on through DMC Denver. We held our very first poker tournament on a Friday night, starting the Texas Hold 'Em tournament just as the sun was setting over the city. With 10 people in the mix it was sure to be a battle of will and endurance.

Blinds were raised every 20 minutes to make for a faster-paced game. Chips were exchanged back and forth and the chip leader switched from person to person.

Texas Hold 'Em in the DMC Denver kitchen
It wouldn't be DMC poker without a little bit of trash talking

Jimmy and Otto went head to head on the turn, and only by the luck of a Queen on the river did Otto claim last place. His prize was cake… as in a packet of birthday cake flavored gum.

After some other good hands and rough beats, it came down to Devon, Tyler, and Jimmy in the finals.

The poker tournament setup in DMC's Denver office

As the final players fought for the win, the losers played some office favorite games.

The Winners

Devon took third with a cash money prize, Tyler took second to win a Chromecast, and Jimmy won the tournament to get a gift basket.

Jimmy wins DMC Denver's poker tournament

Take a wild guess which person in this photo won the tournament...

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