The Internet of Coffee

The Internet of Coffee

To compliment Jesse's New and Improved DMC Coffee System I created a button that people can press to notify the office via Slack that they've brewed a fresh pot of coffee.

This article details how I created the case. Check out Part 2 for a walkthrough of the coffee button code. The source files for the case can be found here:

Coffee Bot posts to Slack

The button uses the Particle Photon and Internet Button breakout board. I like the Photon for simple IoT projects like this because it has user friendly configuration tools and a simple web based IDE. There's also a good amount of documentation and an active community to help solve any issues.

The first step to creating the button was creating a case. The Internet Button ships with a plastic enclosure, but it isn't designed to mount vertically like I was planning. I designed a more appropriate enclosure using Fusion 360, a full featured 3D design tool that is free for hobbyists.

enclosure 3D design

The enclosure is designed in two seperate pieces, a disk that press fits to the square actuators on the buttons and a dome that press fits to the top of the PCB. I printed the design on our Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer. It took a few iterations to tweak the dimension, but I quickly had a working enclosure.

The source files can be found here:

Check out Part 2 for a walkthrough of the coffee button code. 

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