A Brief Visual History of DMC

A Brief Visual History of DMC

DMC celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, and we're reflecting on many of our milestones and accomplishments. From expanding to five offices to working on projects all over the world, DMC as a company has developed immensely. 

The charts below display all of the countries DMC has worked in, the evolution of the DMC logo, and the growth of our company.

We're fortunate to have worked on projects across the U.S.A. and around the globe. So far, DMC has worked in 43 states and 24 countries.  logo evolution timeline

While we've been using our current logo since 2011, DMC's look has changed over the years. If you're interested, I wrote a blog post about the evolution of DMC's logo

DMC has come a long way since the company was just me and a laptop. There were many years of slow, steady growth before we opened our first expansion office in 2013. Now we are proud to have five offices and over 100 employees. 

Our company milestones and continued growth would not be possible without our clients, vendors, partners, employees and friends. Thank you!


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