5 Reasons DMC Laps Michael Phelps in Technical Solutions

5 Reasons DMC Laps Michael Phelps in Technical Solutions

Michael Phelps has clearly made a splash in the Rio Olympics. The 31 year-old swimmer has grabbed a hefty six medals in this Olympics alone. Retiring with a grand total of 28 medals, Phelps is most decorated Olympian of all time. If this didn't already make him an American hero, the record medal count that he crushed was last held by Larisa Latynina of the Soviet Union with 18 medals. He also tops out the list of most individual gold medals with 13, breaking a record last set in 152 BCE by Leonidas of Rhodes. Many argue that Phelps is one of the best, if not the best, athletes of all time.

However, when DMC steps up to the mark to offer customers custom technical solutions in a timely manner with a smile, Phelps is the one taking second.

Here are five reasons why DMC glides past Michael Phelps when it comes to technical solutions.

1. Hiring Smart People

DMC boasts an incredible team of employees that come to work with fresh ideas every day. In fact, it's our #1 core value. DMC hires bright employees from top notch schools across the country, with an eagerness to learn. Employees at DMC can pick up new technologies faster than Michael Phelp’s 100 meter freestyle.

As a child, Michael Phelps was afraid of sticking his head under the water while swimming. That doesn’t sound like the quickest way to pick up 28 medals.

2. Sharing Information

DMC has a wealth of expertise when it comes to SCADA, LabVIEW, Web application development, IoT, and Microsoft consulting services, among other technologies. We are happy to share this knowledge and training with our clients to help them take ownership of their systems.

No client should be caught in the undertow of dealing with a platform they don’t fully understand. Do you think Michael Phelps would give up that secret to Olympic greatness? Us neither. 

3. Telling It Like It Is

DMC places a high priority on being honest and fair with our clients in every dealing and project. This approach fosters a strong rapport with our clients and we pride ourselves on maintaining these strong relationships.

Listen to any press conference of Michael Phelps after losing a race. He uses euphemisms, clich├ęs, and dodged questions to avoid addressing the problem. You won’t get any of that from DMC.

4. Industries Served

DMC serves a broad range of industries. We have worked in industries spanning from Automotive to Telecommunications, and have excelled in each of these. DMC isn’t afraid to dip its toes into new waters and try its hand at different industries. 

Phelps just swims. That’s it. You won’t see him trying out competitive ping pong anytime soon (Oh, we’re really good at ping pong too).

5. Make Things Happen

DMC is committed to delivering quality work on a proper timeline. Our customer service policy that can be spotted around the office is, “If it is within reason, make it happen.” Employees at DMC take this to heart and strive to accomplish the goals of our customers.

The argument can be made that Michael Phelps made a few world records happen and made himself the greatest Olympian ever with a record that might not be broken for another 2,000 years. We’ll cut him some slack and call it a draw. 

Medal Ceremony

After tallying up the count, DMC takes the podium in four of the five categories with a nail biter tie in the final. DMC is the heat leader when it comes to technical solutions, and a great choice for your next project.

Learn more about DMC's customer service policy.


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