DMC Cares Guerrilla Giving Initiative

DMC Cares Guerrilla Giving Initiative

A few times a year, DMC holds an All Day Company Meeting (ADCM) in each of our offices. These offsite meetings are an opportunity for all employees in that office to get together, discuss goals, and have some fun. Our past ADCMs have provided us unique experiences like ziplining in Wisconsin, ice skating, and even a Ferris Bueller-style day in Chicago.

This ADCM focused on a few different topics. The day started with small group discussions on our core values and customer service fundamentals. Before lunch, we split into teams for a very special challenge. 

The DMC Cares Challenge

For the first DMC Cares event, twelve teams of employees in Chicago were each given $500 in cash. Teams were instructed to make an impact in Chicago by "paying it forward." Each team was free to allocate the funds toward any cause or random acts of kindness that they deemed appropriate. We tracked the progress on social media using the #DMCcares hashtag.

Guerrilla Giving

"We started with a donation to the Anti-Cruelty Society and a short visit with the cats & dogs. Then we surprised some CTA commuters with by handing out two dozen doughnuts." - Amy Cox

"Our group used the majority of our funds to purchase supplies for a local elementary school where 40% of the kids are homeless. We donated to a soup kitchen called Inspiration Kitchen, and then handed out balloons to brighten people's day." - Christian

"My team went to the Chicago Canine Rescue center.  We helped them walk dogs and then made a cash donation to support their cause."  - David B.

"Our team purchased books written by Chicago students at 826CHI. Then we donated the books and games to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the largest pediatric provider in the region." - Jessica

"My group identified an elementary school where many students come from families with low socioeconomic status. We bought school supplies (notebooks, crayons, glue, pencils, etc.) and donated the rest." - Emily

"My team brought food and personal supplies to the Lakeview Food Pantry. Next, we helped someone move into their apartment."  - Jimmy B.

"We did a bunch of small things to brighten people’s days including giving out lunches from Subway on the subway (actually the L), and giving free ice cream to families in Millennium Park. We handed out dollar bills in exchange for a smile on the L." - Beth

"We purchased toys for patients at a children's hospital, dropped off some treats at the police department, and made a donation to the Humane Society." - Caleb

"My team first went to PetSmart and Target to purchase toys, food, and towels for dogs and cats at the PAWS shelter. Next, we picked up doughnuts at Dunkin Doughnuts to bring to the police station in Wrigleyville."  - Natalie

"We bought some basic groceries like toiletries and fruit and handed them out to homeless people. We also saw a car getting a parking ticket so we put the last $12 we had into the envelope with a note expressing our sympathy." - Mark

"We assembled care packages in reusable bags with food and personal care items and walked through East Lakeview, offering the packages to homeless individuals. Then we prepaid the deposit for two children’s engineering classes at Robot City Workshop." - Parker

"Our team split the budget between two organizations: Nettelhorst School and Lincoln Park Community Shelter. We bought school supplies for the school and needed items for the shelter (toiletries, undergarments, medicine, etc.)." - Stephanie


The DMC Cares activity was a highlight of the day for many employees. We enjoyed bonding with our colleagues while learning more about the causes that are important to everyone at DMC. In just a few hours, we donated $6,000 back to the community. It felt great to come together and do some good to support fantastic organizations as well as our fellow Chicagoans. Our first DMC Cares event will be a great foundation for future charitable initiatives across our office locations.


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